Some of my recent work.

  • FinAddix Website

    FinAddix Website

    FinAddix sells photo prints taken from a smart phone or uploaded to their site. The entire company was newly branded. I designed the Phase 1 website.

  • Dubose Website

    Dubose Website

    Dubose Care Management in Winter Park. Website development. Site is vertically scrollable.

  • PermaPaving Website

    PermaPaving Website

    PermaPaving branded a new branch to their company. I designed business cards and developed their new website.

  • Woof! Orlando Website

    Woof! Orlando Website

    Woof! Orlando underwent a total rebrand. I was part of the website design with another designer and I developed the site using wordpress. Work done at TCreative.

  • FinAddix Phone App

    FinAddix Phone App

    FinAddix sells photo prints taken from a smart phone or uploaded to their site. The entire company was newly branded. I designed the Phase 1 application with over 50 custom […]

  • Diplomat Coffee

    Diplomat Coffee

    Coffee package design options for a campaign Diplomat Coffee wanted to run with Embassy Suites.

  • GENE


    This is a campaign to raise awareness against genetic engineering by developing messages that support my position and sway the audience. GENE stands for Genetic Engineering is Natures End. The […]

  • Engineered Legends | Live Links

    Engineered Legends | Live Links

    Live Links is an exhibit for the Smithsonian Museum. It focuses on three civil infrastructure concepts; the power grid, plane radar systems, and communication systems. The project delivers a billboard, […]

  • Art Moves Us

    Art Moves Us

    Art Moves Us is a solution for visualizing a complex network including extensive data and a user community. The problem Art Moved Us faced was an overflow of information. The […]

  • Rebel Teen

    Rebel Teen

    Making the common good uncommon. This project takes normal everyday items, in this case grooming products, and makes them have added meaning. Rebel Teen is a grooming product line based […]

  • Graphing My Mind

    Graphing My Mind

    The information graphically documented in this design is representational of my thinking and practical application throughout my design process.

  • Manic Reverie

    Manic Reverie

    Branding music is all about the culture. Manic Reverie is an electronic music group that focuses on dreams and the sub conscience. This music is geared towards people who like […]

  • No Choice

    No Choice

    This infographic contains a massive amount of information about the impact a large chain company can have on communities in a micro and macro scale. Each piece of information has […]

  • Unlocked


    Unlocked is a collaborative project. It is a collection of a large quantity of skeleton keys. Together we created the persona of the keeper of these keys and found many […]

  • Time Life Redesign

    Time Life Redesign

    In an exploration of typography, grid systems and hierarchy an old version Time Life book was redesigned. The end result was fresh and easy to understand.

  • Phobia Package

    Phobia Package

    This package design is an Rx cure for the fear of holes. Each sentence on the box starts out as a negative phrase. The user must interact with the package, […]

  • Flat City

    Flat City

    Flat City is an interactive 3D dating experience. Users will have the opportunity to put together various characters who each have their own charms and flaws. On the outside, each […]

  • Dammerung 3D

    Dammerung 3D

    Dammerung is a 3D design that interprets the work of Max Bill. Elements of his original poster have been formed into 3 dimensional objects and placed in such a way […]