The Blog

These next couple weeks are filled with some fun projects. I am redesigning the O’Connor Building Company’s website. It will have a fresh new face, a couple image galleries and a blog! The blog should be a lot of fun for the company, they want to have an open forum to talk with their clients.  I am also about to start doing a series of web banner ads for another client. Maybe I’ll make some to line the edges of my site too! I like those, they can be humorous as almost anything goes!O'connor building logo

Thoughts On Graduating

This will be my first and last design blog as a college student. In 7 days, I will no longer be a student. That is a scary thought. After 6 years of full time college, all I’ve wanted was to graduate and get into the real world. Now that it’s finally happening a kind of panic has set in. I have a part time internship designing for an ad agency, but I will need to do more. Now there is the stress of finding a job near my house. I don’t want to move so I hope that I can find my “dream job” somewhere close. I’ve always wanted to do web design and even the coding, too. With all the new free time I’m about to have, I can finally teach myself more about web code. That is a plus, but ending school is still an awkward transition.